Digital Escape

We all use digital devices to escape reality, from micro-moments to hours, it’s a daily ritual for most. From the brand naming to the product packaging; my goal was to convey an elegant state of bliss. Starting with the name – I pictured a state where humans are most relaxed – that would be the Dreamstate. From there, the next logical progression was how to enable users to use/want/consume the product, and that is achieved through simplicity of communication.

Accessory Overload

Digital accessory markets are flooded with options, especially for products in the lower price points we were competing in. At a quick glance, it was easy to see that the leading brands in this price category do not heavily invest in product or packaging design. We endeavored to create a high-end look & feel to instantly differentiate this product line from competitors. When you surpass the competition visually and aesthetically, you are making a shortcut to a ‘yes’ decision in the consumer’s mind. Along with an ultra clean aesthetic, we selected premium recycled and sustainable materials for all packaging, point of purchase, and sales materials.

Placement & Performance

This fun and ethereal approach for a consumer electronics accessories brand was featured in select DollarTree offshoots “Popshelf” – a retail concept similar in offerings to the wildly popular 5 Below. Complete sell through rates were achieved in under 60 days.

Project Details for Dreamstate


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