Clean Energy for the Planet

FlexEnergy is the developer of the world’s cleanest energy platforms, transforming one of the world’s largest sources of greenhouse gases from a source of pollution into a clean energy source. FlexEnergy Inc manufactures a product line of turbines with the lowest emissions and widest fuel flexibility.

Our strategy was to target government and industry thought leaders – leading to a 50mm round 2 funding. Bringing FlexEnergy to the forefront of the cleantech industry on an accelerated timeline with speed and precision was the goal.

Converging Timelines

Starting with an aggressive PR campaign, we laid the foundation for online keyword and phrase searches. The next steps were a phase-one website, updated sales materials, and reskinned tradeshow booths. The complete brand redesign ran concurrently behind the scenes while we gave them a temporary facelift. No downtime or ‘waiting for the new logo’ was possible. For a seamless transition to the updated look, we unveiled their new brand at a massive press event showcasing their newly redesigned corporate headquarters.

Logo inspiration

Floral patterns combined with engineered turbines formed the structure for the symmetrical brand mark. Merging organic elements found in nature, as well as mechanical elements within their products was a cornerstone of the their brand. The color palette features an energetic orange displaying an assertiveness within the timeless trust of blues and grays.

3D Visualizations

Due to the rapidly evolving technology, 3D visualizations were the optimal way of showcasing the most recent advances. The machinery, engineering, and scientific processes were fine tuned continuously through the product’s life cycle. Shown below is a transparent cutaway rendering of the Flexenergy MT250 MicroTurbine.

Website & Presentations

The corporate website was redesigned to highlight many of the PR efforts underway, as well as prominent news stories. Drop-down menus allowed quick and easy access to all pages and stories using a highly customized WordPress CMS for the backend. The PowerPoint decks used detailed infographics for added visual interest along with customized templates for easy updating by the sales teams.

New Headquarters

Creating an environment in which workers will flourish and feel good about their jobs was our objective. Wall colors, carpeting, and furniture were all aligned with the basic premise of technology merging with nature – clean blue skies and natural hardwoods below. The Lobby area was designed to impress and inform the guest with core brand messaging and informative infographics at every touchpoint.

Informing the Environment

Throughout the buildings and factories, large-format environmental graphics (various sizes from 3’ wide to massive 18’ wide) depict the overarching themes that make up the FlexEnergy brand. Nature and technology combined with simple, factual statements were very effective in helping to solidify the brand to visitors as well as new employees.

Project Details for FlexEnergy


Logo & Tagline Creation
Look & Feel
Brand Standards
Visual Style Guide


Environmental Design
Tradeshow Booths
Corporate Stationery
Machinery Design
Website Design
Product Videos
Marketing Materials
Transport Livery
3D Modeling
Technical Animations
Interior Design


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