Sound Beyond Size

The market for bluetooth speakers is flooded with endless competition. My task was to name, brand, package, and market these tiny wireless speakers. The physical product and the technology behind them were solid, and the the offering was unique; dual wireless stereo pods.

I started by researching the competition and the retail space in which the physical product would reside. Utilizing what we had learned about the bluetooth speaker market, we knew that the product was unique and would resonate with two niche types of consumers; Gamers and college students. Sighting our targets at these groups armed the design direction and voice. 

The design of the pods inherently exhibited eye-like features, so the name ‘IRIS’ evolved into the perfect fit, and given that these two little speaker pods were capable of producing an impressive soundstage, ‘Sound beyond size’ became the tagline.

Creating desire. 

This high-end packaging design was achieved by using premium textured papers, with foil stamping and soft touch aqueous coatings throughout. Holographic gunmetal foil tastefully brands the interior, all encompassed in a structure that fits together with architectural precision. The speaker pods are inset into compression molded polyurethane foam, which provide protection during shipping as well as an ultra clean base for presentation. The exterior of the box features an abstract iris pattern stamped in holographic foil which produces an aesthetic treat. The charging cords and documentation are neatly tucked into a side compartment, completing the ultra-clean look.

The marketing tone was ‘elegant with an edge’. We mixed those two keywords to drive our voice, and visuals. I assembled a sales promo kit along with animated teasers to help sell the concept to store buyers, and eventually consumers.

To achieve smooth camera movements and abstract product shots, I created 3D models of the product in Cinema 4D, this allowed our asset library to expand greatly with uses on the web, social media, and marketing materials.

In-store demo displays were fabricated from aluminum and provided opportunities for consumers to interact with the product. A built in LCD panel guided the user through the interactive presentation.

Project Details for IRIS


Visual Style


Package Design
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