Speed • Tracking • Communication

Loanview 360 is a robust loan origination app. Its ability to track and communicate all facets of the loan process gives users a total picture of the landscape, allowing for a better workflow and customer experience.

Improving Accuracy

We started the UI/UX process with identifying the inherent bottlenecks of the loan process and the industry itself. With so many entities involved at every step, we developed a system of effortless notifications. When a user signs on to the LoanView portal, they are able to write or view notes across teams, and visual progress bars indicate the documentation status for each step. Improving the accuracy of each loan package was essential. With all of the data being inputted, we were able to reduce risk exposure by creating better profiles of a customers’ financial situation. Gaining insights and pushing the loans through to underwriting in record speed was the ultimate goal.

Ensuring customer confidence

Using a streamlined intuitive interface, the loan agent is able to share and educate their clients on which loan products work best for their financial situations. Utilizing sliding value scales and FICO graphs, visually showing the customer how payments and rates correlate was a valuable selling tool in helping them understand exactly what their costs and options were, ensuring better customer confidence overall.

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