Small kitchen appliances make a huge splash

99 Cents Only stores wanted to feature a fun, approachable brand for entry level kitchen appliances. This test concept was a huge departure from their traditional sales model of everything inside their stores costing 99cents (with occasional limited offerings up to 4.99). The price points of these appliances ranged from 14.99 to 39.99, a risky move as their clientele relies on the promise of ultra-low cost goods.

After thorough research and testing, the collective perception of these product offerings needed to be fun with a little bit of visual complexity. I created the PIP name brand for this product line, memorable and easy to pronounce across all languages. (The 99c Customer is typically of low to mid socioeconomic status, and often speaks a foreign language as their primary.) 

The visual designs of the packaging were inspired by the European Swiss style; clean lines and bold typography, in which the complexity of intricate linework conveys precision and attention to design detail. Most consumers are subconsciously drawn to that style for these reasons. Pairing neutral gray backgrounds with pops of color gave the packaging a great look & feel on the shelves.


The products were released in a staggered timetable, usually 1 new product every week, with sell through rates reaching 100%, most stores selling out within days. The products were supported with a branded website, featuring recipes, videos and product information, as well as social media launch campaigns.

Project Details for PIP


Visual Style


Package Design
Product labelling