Quantum Ai

The easiest way to sell your car

There is currently no good way for American consumers to sell their used cars–95% of used cars are sold the same way today as they were 50 years ago. Despite technological advances in nearly every other industry, selling a vehicle is still fraught with risk and stress for consumers. This is an ~$850B annual market problem in dire need of a solution.

Research confirms that consumers would prefer technology-based transaction options. Despite $4+B in marketing, other investment, and operating losses, the new digital auto sellers (e.g. Carvana, Vroom, Shift) have made little market headway, Only 1% of all auto transactions are happening via e-commerce.

Quantum is approaching this market opportunity by leveraging partner strengths, and using a proprietary tech process. The mobile experience is a best-in-market consumer experience requiring just 30-45 minutes. Simple outlined steps and an instant payment solution at the end result in an unbeatable customer experience through a mobile device. By providing a safe, haggle-free environment, fair quotes and instant payments, Quantum is solving the consumer experience problem. These advantages position Quantum as the best consumer auto sales solution.

UI/UX Experience

Simple, clean, & thoughtful interactions make up the user experience for the quantum app. The process is laid out in a linear progression, starting with a questionnaire and multiple choice answers regarding the vehicle history and condition. User information is captured in small increments throughout to make the experience feel less invasive. The photo taking tool is an integral part of the vehicle quote process, The user must provide vehicle photos of specific angles and sections for the estimators. We used ghosted outlines of generic cars as visual guidelines to guide the user into placing the subject within the parameters needed. Camera and image-adjustment buttons were integrated into the tool for a seamless experience.

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